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Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of TrueCaller

Users can easily findout details about a fake caller through truecaller, as this app is good in handling the fake calls. There are several cases, where people get disturbed due to pranksters. Probably, they might be calling certain persons purposely to make them fool without answering. There are also possibilities to send abusive texts to a person. At the same time, when person calls the prank caller back, the prankster might not receive the call or abort the call. In such condition, even police becomes helpless. While, telephone companies will not undertake these issues and neither they provide information of their customers to others. So, at such times, it becomes essential for the user to change their numbers.

Disadvantages Of Truecaller

Caller ID service does not work in all areas, and neither it protects against unauthorized usage from an authorized location, and will become unusable for mobile or travel users or for web users.