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Features and Functionality

Truecaller is a global telephone directory service that provides caller ID, social media integration and call-blocking option. The application helps users to upload their phone books and let them to be a part of the crowd-sourced database. The truecaller retains the global coverage facility through its crowd-sourced data, which allows it to function even in UK and India, where public data becomes unusable.  Also, this application can be used over hundred countries and works well on Android phone, Apple iPhone, Nokia Symbian, and Windows Phone 7, as well.

During the month of September 18 2012, Techcrunch declared that the former MySQL and Nokia board of directors or executives have invested USD 1.3 million dollar in ‘Truecaller’, to make it reach a great height.

 Truecaller denoted that, the intention to go with the new funding option is to expand its footmark in the competitive market, especially in North America, Asia and the Middle East.