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How to Remove Phone Number from True Callers

Due to crucial times, few people may undergo for depression, because of certain prank phone calls. But, solution lies now-Truecaller is such an app that provides complete information about any contact number within few seconds. This app works on all smart phones and suits for any operating system such as android, etc. It is also found that, the app is absolutely free of cost for many OS platforms and gives information about all the global contact numbers. There are also certain persons who do want their name to appear in Truecaller directory or let others to view their info, due to certain security or personal issue. For such person, Truecaller has the best solution to remove or delete their contact numbers from Truecaller Directory.


To perform this operation, users are supposed to visit the home page of TrueCaller Here, they will find an option to choose the country, which has to be selected. They will later find the option to remove their contacts from Truecaller Directory. The contact details are saved in the UNLIST number option. In case, you want to remove this number, you will have to enter your contact number and fill CAPTCHA properly; later press the button below it. Then, these steps should be followed to remove the contact from the caller directory.

Truecaller will surely be an amazing app for all smart phones; but, sharing your info through cell phone can be unsafe. Therefore, people who have concern about security should remove their contact number from the Truecaller.