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How Truemessenger Works

Spam SMS are worst. It catches unexpectedly and often it leaves the person irritated die to the reason that the person might think the message coming from the one they were waiting for. The world is getting advanced from landlines and now people choose to use mobile phones first and so spam methods will get transferred to mobiles as well so people should be prepared.

What Causes Spam Texts Messages?

If a person in involved in online shopping, credit card signups, sweepstakes or any telecom service then it is easy to guess that how quickly the number can go to the reach of so many telemarketer.

A little Spam Stats:

Spam account globally for 15% of all the SMS messages that are sent and it represents about 1.2 trillion spam messages every year. Despite of the growth of some other categories, in US market, text messages are still being used the most today by making it the prime target for fraudsters and telemarketers. These messages come in phishing scams form, marketing promotions and offers of free gift cards and it often leads to serious misuse of identity theft and personal information.

Regions like Egypt is having 96 million subscribers of mobile and 110% rate of mobile penetration.

How to Prevent Spam texts before I read them?

It sounds like a psychic or a magician job. But just few developers of Sweden, Stockholm and many hours’ time of researching patterns of spam in various countries have come up with the app of Truemessenger. It is a text message (SMS) replacement app for the Android users that will be on suspicious lookout proactively looking for received text messages.

How it Works

  • Truemessenger can easily become the default app of messaging for Android. It has 2 folders: spam inbox and inbox.

Truemessenger identifies different countries’ spam patterns so it learns about the messages that are span as the app is in use.