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An experience is delivered by Truecaller that goes beyond today’s limitations of phonebook apps and so people have an access to right information, businesses and people they need always.

It lets people search for the contact information (that is based on number or name); block calls that people do not want to take and identify the incoming calls. So they never need to leave this service for finding the contact.

Search beyond the contact list

Search within the contacts just like the normal phonebook. It also searches for names and numbers beyond the existing contacts having an extensive search matches above 1 billion.

Live Caller ID: See Who's calling

It guards the mobile phone by knowing instantly who is calling on phone before picking it up. The knowledge of one who is trying to call or get in touch is also given by Truecaller even if it is a pre-paid, mobile or landline number.

Block: Block calls you don’t want to receive

Immediate access is given by Truecaller to top spammers’ list that allows quick blocking of calls from the spam reported numbers. The users report spammers and contribute information for making the entire community of Truecaller smarter.


If ever looked at the call history to see the unknown numbers and wondered about it then people might come to know that Truecaller adds the photos and names magically to unknown numbers by giving an instant access about people’s right information to whom they try to call.

Truecaller community has brought Truedialer which is a community of about 100 million members who are working together for creating an experience of smarter communication.


  • Eliminate the unknown numbers from the call history.

  • Auto-population of the missing information of contact.

  • Access the information of contacts even unsaved.

  • Access to about 1.6 billion contacts through unique integration of Truecaller.

  • Automatically search the information of the contact about to call.

  • Support for 500 dual devices of SIM.

  • T9 search

  • Easy to use, fast and accurate.


If ever received any SMS from the stranger and hate to receive spam messages then Truemessenger informs them about the number who had sent the SMS in-spite of the number being not saved and it automatically blocks it keeping it clean and safe.

Truecaller has brought Truemessenger which is having 100 million members’ community that joins together for reporting spam and helping people from being fooled. It helps people to communicate with those they want; it saves time, curiosity and cures.

Sms ID

It identifies the sender even the contacts which are not in the phonebook.

Block SMS

It avoids messages from the unwanted contacts and numbers.

Report spam

It helps the community common spammers by just reporting to them.