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True Caller for PC

To download Truecaller on your computer, it becomes necessary for you to download the apk file of the game that is available all over the internet. There are several websites that allows apk file downloads. Once apk file is downloaded, you can use the following ways to install and run the Truecaller on your home pc or office computer.

How to Install Truecaller on PC?

First step is to download an android emulator. Later, you can try Bluestacks, or youwave, but it would be better to go with BlueStacks. To download bluestacks, you can use the following link-

Download BlueStacks

After Bluestacks downloads, install it on your pc. You can then open the Bluestacks app, and search for Truecaller by entering the exact keywords in the search bar; for this, you need a proper internet connection. Later, install Truecaller by clicking it; later, you can install the TrueCaller on your system through apk file. Now, open that apk file with Bluestacks to get it installed.

How to Run Truecaller on PC?

To run Truecaller, search or browse for it using the start menu, or you can also search for an “apps” folder, which contains the collection of installed applications. You can then, open the folder and double click on the “Truecaller” file. It will make your Truecaller app, run on your pc. This is the complete guide to run Truecaller on your system.